Monogame DEV -installer windows- Versus Builds/PR merged

Hi !
Is it just me, downloading the dev build 1425 every time I see a PR has been merged, whereas about 3+ PR have been merged since then ?
On Teamcity I have seen the latest build is 1054 but some tests seem to have failed
Is this the reason why the installer is not “up to date” ?

Yes, there are some issues that make the tests fail on the build bots. MG only gets packaged when everything builds and all tests pass.

Ok, I’ll investigate to know if the 1425 has your PR about MeshBuilder merged :wink:

Note that there are some issues in the implementation. I have a pull request up with some fixes, but it’s still not working 100% with those.

Ok, it was to try it in my code, and to give some feedback, so we are at least 2 to give it a try.