@MonoGame Developers (VB Templates)

If anyone remembers the Damien Gibson account i went by i had posted templates in the past for MonoGame (And been quite interested at the time in form GL support)

If you guys would be willing to put the templates in the official stuff i would be glad to maintain VB template conversions for you just gimme a response ill check every now and then for your response.

There’s plans for a project generator that can be run as a standalone. It should greatly simplify template stuff. Right now maintaining templates is crap because VS and MD/XS work differently and MD devs like to change the API every once in a while. Your contribution is welcome of course, but it may be easier to wait for the new project generator to be merged.

Well im generating templates for 4.6 right now (Visual Studio idk about MD templates never modded them before) so theyll be available.

So did these generators ever come to be? lol Im concidering getting back into MonoGame stuff so investigating what changed from problems that prevented me from continueing with it a long time ago.

Yes and no, Microsoft created a new template format that can be used from both VS and MD and even command line (dotnet templates), and part of our templates have already been ported to it. No VB/F# templates have been added tho.

Mind sending me a copy of these templates so i can check it out? Id be happy to convert everything to VB.net for you guys and send it back :smiley:


TY ill get these out hopefully later tonight. Ima upload them as a downloadable package since i dont have access to forward on MonoGame Github :smiley:

The way you contribute to open source projects is:

  • Fork a repo that you want to modify
  • Create a new branch
  • Do modifications
  • Upload modifications to your fork
  • Submit a PR using your branch

I would highly recommend watching a video on how git works.

ill have it up in a week then when im good on internet :stuck_out_tongue: My net is fowl so grabbing the whole entire MG just for a small mod is not an option atm.

A fore-warning, I am not totally familiar with the new format so I do not know how to actually put this in a template format to boot up with VS for testing, im just relying on the factor that i got VS to seemingly load a few that have been converted without errors…

As well - I hand converted everything (From text editors) as I AM experienced doing, only using an online converter for minor assistence - I am unsure if any small things may have been missed, though Visual Studio code editor didn’t report any more errors on all files I have modified and I am convinced I havent missed any files. csproj files and everything were modified internally through notepad to boot up with VB properly.

I have no ability to test alot of this stuff in general even ‘if’ I have the templates as I have a really poopy machine right now and the only thing its even capable of running for sure is the DesktopGL project which seems to be fine to me.

I do not know MonoDevelop/Xamarin well enough to know for sure if VB.net compatibility exists for the mobiles and to what degree if so provided all the syntax is correct either so chances of those not working at all.

Despite these factors I will be getting a new pc soon capable of running all the software for sure, in a month or 2, and should anyone have trouble with any of the templates I fully plan to be responsible for figuring out if its a mistake on their end, a mistake with my templates (With me correcting them officially), or if its a problem with VB.net itself that makes such usage impossible.

(Side Note: I did in fact update the default.build file as well to include the VB files with the C# ones it contains.)

@harry-cpp I have created a fork with my name (SpiceyWolf) and the branch is called Full-VisualBasic-Templates – So they are uploaded now.