MonoGame Engine & Editor


Having being an XNA MVP (2009-2013 thanks to my Randomchaos blog on XNA-UK UG) and after MS shut down XNA I got into using Unity, I then started to get back into XNA via MonoGame (thank’s for this guys :)) and so, a while ago, started to create my own engine and editor using MonoGame.

The idea being to create an editor for my MonoGame engine that was very similar to Unity. So, at the moment I have scene management, I have a forward and deferred pipeline, I am able to attach C# scripts and run Co-routines like Unity does.

If you want to check out my YouTube clips I have put them here.

Now, I have not looked at my engine for a while, had some life issues crop up (as they always do) but I am now getting back into my engine and it’s editor.

I am planning on putting this up on a GitHub repo at some point.


Hey @Charles_Humphrey, thanks for sharing this. :slight_smile: I’ll check out your video series.

What made you come back to MonoGame after using Unity? Just asking out of curiosity. Would love to see your GitHub repository whenever you make it.

Well, I have a love for XNA/MonoGame as it is what got me into GPU programming and writing engines. I love rolling my own engines and framework, I always have. Unity is great, but you can’t beat writing your own engine for the fun of it :wink:


I share the sentiment. I think it’s what has kept me coming back to MonoGame time after time.


Sounds very interesting!
I’d love to see the github repo.

Nice project, would be nice if it could have top, bottom and side grid views in randomly colored wireframe groups.
Also would be nice to have fix to grid and grid size would be nice.
That would make superior Editor for some of us, but it’s just an idea to you.

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Its dedicated to my engine, but I would like to make the editor more open so it could work for most MG projects one day.

Hey - I remember you from the XNA days :slight_smile: I wrote TechCraft - Are you interested in building an editor for monogame - i’ve posted some progress on the main forums

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Yea, I am sort of writing one for my own engine (when I have time :P)

Ill check it out :slight_smile:

Not sure if any of you would be interested, but I have recently created a Patreon page. My intention is to start posting tutorials regarding any areas of game development I play with from MonoGame, Unity and even VR.

I am also intending to post about my MonoGame engine, not sure if I will do these as tutorials yet, or just behind the scenes type vlog posts showing what I am doing.

Anyway, if you are of the mind to subscribe to this for MG related posts or tutorials, then please feel free to do so here.