Monogame Export .app Mac Osx

Hello MonoGame Users, I want to create a .app file for mac osx from a monogame export. I tried everything but nothing seems to work. Basically, I have rename my folder the same as the project name with .app extension. But It doesn’t work. Do you have any idea ?.

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Did you already follow these steps to create the .app directory?

If so, you may find success by copying an existing .app like iTunes or Safari and replacing all its files with those of your game.

The .app structure for Mac OS is a folder. Folder name: “” and then contains the folders/files described in the documentation under deploying for Mac OS target platform.

The folder will not be executable via terminal, because it is just a folder. However, MacOS reads it as an “app” and will execute the “app” per the parameters set in the .app folder config file(s). For example, if your .app folder config is present on your desktop, just double click it to run it (because it is a “*.app” named folder, Mac OS will try to index it for Mac OS app configuration. If it finds it, it will launch it as an app, rather than opening it as a folder).