Monogame export .exe and .dmg

Hi, I use Monogame for Mac and I asking how “package” my project into .exe or .dmg.

Hello, I don’t have or use macOS, but whenever you make a build in your IDE, there should be an executable for your platform in the output folder. If you copy the output folder (which includes your Content folder, DLLs, etc.) and send it to someone else on macOS, they should be able to run it. I’m afraid I don’t know how to package up a .dmg, so if the build doesn’t output one, you’ll have to look up a method for doing so.

For cross compiling to a .exe, you may be able to use mkbundle, but I’ve only ever used it for Windows > Linux and Windows > macOS, so I can’t verify how well it works from macOS > Windows. Another option is to install .NET Core and use the experimental DesktopGL Core version, then cross compile to Windows using that.

I hope this helps!

Hi, when you say about the output folder is the same that the folder where is the project? In any case in my bin\release folder the application for Mac is running well in another MacOs computer, but the .exe shows an error that says the Program.Main is missed. Thanks for the answer

By output folder I mean the bin/release folder. Are you running the .exe on Windows or macOS?

In Windows. This is the error

It looks like you’re referencing a library that doesn’t work on Windows or hasn’t been included. How are you making the .exe file?

Is the .exe file that generates when execute the project in VS

I found the recent docs super helpful for doing this: