MonoGame.Extended.Animations.SpriteSheets not found;

I have imstalled Monogame.Extended on my project.
And i am folling this demo

But i can’t using MonoGame.Extended.Animations.SpriteSheets; like this .

Any suggestion?

Any help , i really have no idea about it?

You are referencing the develop branch demo when you are not using the develop branch of the library. You want to be using this demo.

@LithiumToast Thank you for reply.
I am new with github.
Could you tell me how to do that ?
Now i just copy and paste to my new project.

In GitHub you can select the branch you are viewing for a repository. You need to be looking at the master branch.

Is it mean Animation class in Extended is in progress?

So i can not use Animation and Collision after install-Package MonoGame.Extended yet?

Yeah, animations have been improved in the develop branch. If you want to use them you need to update the Nuget package from stable release to pre-release.

I just had this problem a few days ago. I solved it by cloning the MonoGame.Extended project and building the dev branch, and pointing my references to the .dll’s generated by that process. Sounds like @LithiumToast has a much better solution. Didn’t know I could do that with NuGet!

Does this pre release nuget get built nightly or something?

Did you get that working? If I tick pre release I only get alpha versions before 0.4.

Hey guys

To get the pre-release builds that are created from the develop branch you’ll need to point NuGet to our build server. If you’re using Visual Studio you can find that in Tools => NuGet Package Manager => Package Manager Settings => Package Sources.

For convenience here’s the URL for copy and paste.

Does this pre release nuget get built nightly or something?

The pre-release packages get built on every commit / push to github.

Just a warning though. I’ve been hosting this build server out of my own pocket and unless I can raise some money or something I’m going to have to turn it off in a couple of months.