monogame.extended bitmapfonts no longer working

Hi I used bitmapfonts for my textbox control and everything worked well. Wanted to implement input listeners. After installing new version of extended measurestring gave an error. After much bumbling around I found that there were 2 versions of bitmapfonts.
Now I get this error: ‘Size’ does not contain a definition for ‘X’ and no extension method ‘X’ accepting a first argument of type ‘Size’ could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
Have created extended projects from the source but can’t seem to get the references right. I did create a project by copying all the source into a separate project and all the demos work. But when I try to create projects in my solution for bitmapfonts and inputlisteners I get the above errors.
Hope somebody can help.

Apparently, MeasureString no longer supports .X and .Y. Had to replace them with Width and Height.
Not sure why this change was made?

Could you please post the snippet of code that isn’t working?

Based on what you’ve said my guess is that the MeasureString method used to return a Point and now it returns a Size.

public Size MeasureString(string text)

The Size class doesn’t have X and Y. It has Width and Height. Although, it should be implicitly castable to a Point anyway.

chr.rect = new Rectangle(0,
bmpFont.LineHeight * cursorLoc.Y,
changed to:
chr.rect = new Rectangle(0,
bmpFont.LineHeight * cursorLoc.Y,