MonoGame.Extended.Input Gesture recognition.

Currently doing some work on adding Touch support to the NuclexGui. I was thinking that gestures (tap) especially will be handy for simulating mouse clicks etc. There doesnt seem to be any support for Gesture recognition in the Extended.Input libs. (as we know Monogame handles all gesture recognition fine, but it has to be setup). My main question is, is this intentional? As in its always going to be up to the consumer to implement any Touchpanel calls
This is all cool by the way, but it made me think that some Gesture setup (boilerplate) inside Extended.Input may be a good thing?

Brett :wink:

It’s certainly not intentional. It’s just something we’ve never got around to looking into.

If you’re interested in exploring gesture recognition in more depth in the Extended.Input library than by all means take it on.

My only question is weather this can be cleanly added to the library without making breaking changes or if we should consider it for the next major version (2.0). In any case, I think the first step is to spend some time trying to figure out how it might fit into the library.