MonoGame.Extended.NuclexGui Touch Input Support

Im using this lib in an iOS project and have noticed that the NuclexGui port has no Touch support.
Is this something that would be desirable in the future?
I have started writing a branch anyways with Touch support, I just wanted to make sure it wasnt there hiding?


@BrettAnthony Sure thing man. You can add touch support if it’s something you need.

Is this something that would be desirable in the future?

The future. Well, there’s a few things going on right now that might affect the future.

I’m currently working on significantly improving the MonoGame.Extended.Gui system in the 2.0 branch. I’ll be posting my progress on my Patreon page if you want to follow along.

NuclexGui isn’t something I’m investing a lot of time in. It’s difficult to say how many people are actually using it. If it’s something you’re interested in doing that’s fine with me.

Speaking of which, it’s crossed my mind that splitting up MonoGame.Extended into different git repositories might be useful. It would allow each part of the library to be maintained and versioned separately. It would also improve visibility of how many people are actually using each part. NuclexGui might be a good place to start. How would you feel about that?

Gday mate.
Yeah, the NuclexGui could certainly sit out on its own. Out of all the libs in Extended, its probably the one that could sit on its own best. But I could certainly see an advantage to separating them all for tracking.
Great job on Extended by the way, I love it.
Ill get to work on the touchpanel support for NuclexGui and let you know when its ready.
(I was also thinking of doing some “theme” based stuff so you could choose a few different skins later on this year)

Brett :wink:

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