monogame extended pipeline tool

Is this the same pipeline.exe (version that’s in the mongame folder or a new one?
I’m asking as I’m working on investigating and fixing a problem in that one.

The MonoGame.Extended.Content.Pipeline has to be installed separately when you install Monogame.extended. The Monogame.content pipeline is Installed automatically when you install Monogame. As far as I know they are two different things. Check this post.

Ok. Thanks. The pipeline problem was fixed by adding a reference to SmartDX.MediaFoundation so it can get to SmartDX.Mathematica which was what it was trying to get to.

Another problem in the pipeline.exe with Could not resolve type error message.
Digging shows we are still Microsoft.Xna.Workframe.Content.Pipeline and not MonoGame.Framework.Content.Pipeline,
Waiting a response on whether this is a problem or not.
If not can we get the source for the Microsoft bits?

All the xna bits are in the monogame GitHub package so onwards and upwards.