Monogame.Extended.Tiles - update Position of TiledMapObject

So I started porting one of my old XNA games to the latest MonoGame build. Since i could not get my old TMX mapper xTiled (awesome lib btw, wish someone maintained it) to work I started to experiment with Monogame.Extended to read and draw my TMX maps.

To my surprise I found that the Position property on TiledMapObjects were readonly ? How am i supposed to update my dynamic TMX objects? Or does Monogame.Extended.Tiled only handle static objects? Im not saying that dynamic and movable TMX objects are the way to go - but my old games rely heavily on this (moving platforms etc). I assumed any TMX mapper would support that right out of the box.

I responded to this on Discord:

Yes, thanks @LithiumToast. For these particular ports I managed to use my old xTiled library by just loading the TMX maps as XDocuments and passing it to an existing xTiled processor. Had to do some tweaking of course - but the games now run on MonoGame 3.8 Open GL!