Monogame Extended?

I don’t suppose anyone has thought of porting Monogame Extended to VB?

I really want to try out the particles.

You don’t have to port the codebase to use a C# lib in VB. You can add the reference like you normally would and things should just work. Both C# and VB are compiled down to the same language, CIL.

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Yes, they compile down to the same thing, but I didn’t think you could mix and match in the same project. I’ve been coding for decades, but never in a discipline where I’ve learned so much!

You mean add as a project reference, then “Imports…”

Is there an install, or would I simply download and plug in?

Here is the installation guide if you want to use NuGet.

Otherwise just download the source code -, build it once and reference the monogame.extended.dll (which you can find in bin/windows/x86/ … of the monogame.extended project once built) in your project and you are done.