Monogame for nintendo 3ds

Hi, I wanted to know if the nintendo 3ds is available as a deploy platform for monogame, like playstation4, nintendo swithc…

Sorry if the question is repeated. I’m registered as a nintendo developer and in the download section there are downloads for a Unity pluggin for the 3ds, so that’s why I’m wondering if monogame can deploy to 3ds.

Thank you in advance.

Nintendo 3DS is currently not a supported platform.

However, a request to add it or even an implementation for it as a backend might be welcomed. If you’re interested, please open an issue on our GitHub page.

thank you so much for your quick answer, I have opened the issue as you suggested.

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Nintendo is shutting down the Wii digital market. I think this will apply to the Wii U(?). As for the DS units, they will not be replaced by the Switch as easily and are likely to stick around for at least five more years.

XNA/MonoGame currently doesn’t run on them. However, there is a way to plug XNA/MG games into Unity and from there then maybe reach DS units, maybe.