MonoGame for Silverlight

Hello all! For first, i want to sorry for my bad English. I’m from Poland.

I made nice game in MonoGame.Windows, then i ported it to Android, iOS, […]
now i want to put this game on my website. I know about Microsoft Silverlight
(it’s something like Adobe Flash Player, but in .NET)

Is there any possibility to port my existing MonoGame program to Silverlight (and then embed this file on website)?
(I’m using MonoGame 3.5 with Visual Studio 2015) there are no project templates for Silverlight :frowning:

You could look into XNA, it did have a Silverlight option. But I think it was only for the Windows Phone platform.

but unfortunately it’s not full xna support it seems, just some stuff

Silverlight is a NPAPI plugin, and both Chromium and Firefox are killing those so even if MonoGame did support it, it’s gonna be completely dead soon enough…

If you want to get you game onto web one option that you should try is probably:

Microsoft dropped Silverlight support several years ago now, and no-one else using Silverlight there is zero chance we will be supporting Silverlight. MonoGame actually had its origins in a project called SilverSprite many years ago. SilverSprite inspired XnaTouch, which became MonoGame.

Ok, so there are no support for Silverlight… but is there ANY other possibility to embed MonoGame application in web browser, to run on client side?

I don’t think there is.

MonoGame, No, XNA/FNA, Yes.