Monogame for Windows using DX's MediaPlayer mute only one song.

While using Mediaplayer to play songs in my game, developed in monogame for windows using DX I have encountered a bug where only one song will mute/unmute when changing the MediaPlayer.IsMuted property but as soon as I play another song using the MediaPlayer, the mute will no longer work, and the music will keep playing. the same thing happens when using the Volume Property, mute will sieze to work as song as a new song is played.

its something like that:

MediaPlayer.IsMuted = true; //Mute just fine
MediaPlayer.Play(Song2); //Game will unmute the song, playing the song in full volume.
MediaPlayer.IsMuted = true; //This line will not work, the song wont mute.

any ideas on how to solve it?

Edit: Problem solved, the origin of the problem is a bug in MonoGame 3.4 MediaPlayer class, Downloaded the unstable build and the problem was solved.