is missing the Microsoft.XNA.Framework.Net namespace

Only the …GamerServices Namespace is included. The main Windows DLL contains both namespaces.

Can anyone tell me how to get this namespace under UWP as well?


Are you converting an XNA project over?

More data might help others help you further.

MG 3.5? 3.6? Dev builds?

I am porting a MonoGame 3.7 that already works great on Windows with “normal” .Net. On the UWP side I am using Core (not XAML) . The game is using 3D with shaders in the HiDef profile and runs great on the XBoxOne.
On windows i have full multiplayer support with up to 6 remote players but on XBox/UWP I don’t have the namespace that I am using. GamerServices is available as it looks but that is quite useless without the underlying network classes.

I am using the officially released version of monogame 3.7 - no Dev branch, should I try a different branch?