Monogame freezes when dragging the game window

I haven’t seen an obvious solution to this and wanted to see what others have done to get around it (here’s the last conversation I saw around it: Monogame github issue

I am doing a network/multiplayer game and when a user drags the game window the Update/Draw methods pause until they release the window. This de-syncs the game from the server temporarily which is a problem for a serious multiplayer game.

Is there any way around this?

When I joined a challenge and created Multiplayer Pacman I also encountered this scenario, I’ve just created a separate thread for my network update.

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I think I got a solution and feel silly because I linked right to it in my original post.

For anyone who search for this, just pull down the latest GitHub repo of Monogame, build it, and reference that DLL in your project. Someone already fixed the freezing problem and merged that code in.

It just hasn’t been formally released as a Monogame dot version yet since it was in December 2018.

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Good to know it was fixed now.