Monogame games PC distribution

Given how horrible the mobile games market is becoming these days, I’m starting to think about PC and console games, so I’m interested in other people’s experiences on these platforms.

I know that PS4 requires a whole load of paperwork, but is not impossible, while the exact details of Xbox One are “to be confirmed”.

It’s the PC side that I’d like to know more about - I know that the latest Monogame allows Universal App development, but as far as I understand, these could only be distributed via the Windows store. Has anyone put a Monogame-based game out on Steam or the like, and if so, can they advise on the best approach for building for and releasing on these marketplaces?


There are several Steam games listed here that were made with MonoGame:

While I have not personally released a game on Steam or other platforms like it, all you need to do in terms of building your to distribute on Steam is to build a standard .exe for any desktop platform. To become authenticated for release on Steam though is a little bit complicated (but not nearly as complicated as releasing on consoles). Generally, you need to have a publisher or you need to go through Steam Greenlight. Greenlight is a platform where independent developers post screenshots, videos, prototypes and other info about their game and the community votes on whether or not they would like to see your game made available for purchase on the store. If your game gauges enough consumer interest, Valve will qualify you for self-publishing on the Steam store. Hope this helps a bit. I have no experience with other desktop platforms like Desura or