MonoGame GraphicsDevice GL

Ive been digging around because I wanted OpenGL support + Control.

The Jaquadro tutorials dont work on versions specificly after 3.2(to the best of my understanding)

After doing my research it seems that either some dependancies have changed that broke GL support or
it was just blocked off for whatever reasons the devs had for it.

To my understanding though, things like the SwapChainRenderTarget arent actually needed in combination
with the OpenTK.Control, and again I dont know the specific cause of why it was made impossible to
open GraphicsDevice outside of Game object.

Is there anyone around with some more information that can explain these causes to me?
I am really passionate about getting the OpenGL support(especially as one of the platforms
I am targetting products to is Linux) I would like to really get into this and get this problem
taken care of once and for all. as far as trying to compile the full source from Git I keep getting
errors so im taking this more of a “rip necessary source files to local source and play test till
something works”.

I briefly looked at that last night but I looked it over again and not being as tired (at this moment) understood what was going on a little better lol… but I guess maybe I could try to find a way to mainstream a control method from the embedded system that hach did.

Personally since Tom does not wish to do anything too extra that xna did not initially did, I cant see it being harmful that he could keep an “extension” to Monogame as a dependency dll(similar to OpenTK.GLControl which relies on base OpenTK) which could have “some” extra features as long as they werent too project specific. :smiley: thanks for throwing that back at me, useful Ideas for my own implementation.