Monogame ieroglyphs

Guys, how to make a chinese hieroglyphs in monogame fonts drawings?

You need to start with a font that contains the Unicode pages for the Chinese glyphs. In your .spritefont file, specify the character ranges for the Chinese glyphs that you want included in your SpriteFont.

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ohhh, i understand. I just must use chinese-font with needed hieroglyphs, and create the same spritefont as latin or cyrillic or else. Ty. There is no enything hard.
Just tonns of images )

The old XNA Localization sample shows how to extend the content pipeline to automatically include only the glyphs needed for your game:

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Okay, thank you. It now looks more simply, like before.
Main point in localization and using any resources in mono, as I understand, it’s rasterizing any needed resources, and draw it on surface as a bitmap resource for good performance.
Thanks all of you! Now I gonna create next topic.