MonoGame in ARM Linux

I started to test my app on a ARM Based Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 in LeMaker Guitar Board) and I noticed that it runs very slowly.

I put a FPS Counter (based on ) to check how was the performance, and it was running slow as 2FPS.

The thing is that the ARM devices are not OpenGL devices (instead OpenGL ES) and Mono seens to be running at OpenGL Mode (that runs on llvmpipe, that is CPU).

Is there anyway to make it run on OpenGL ES on a Linux Platform?


I was going to suggest adding GLES to the Define Symbols when building from source, but I just tried that and it’s not going to work. OpenTK for the desktop platforms does not include the bindings for OpenGL ES 2.0. It may be easier once we merge in the SDL changes (soon) where we have our own OpenGL bindings.


So I will check the open issues on github and see if I can help with the SDL Changes. The GLES is not a big priority for me, but I have some spare time that I can use for help in the MonoGame.

Any luck on this issue? I want to build on my Chromebook and it is an ARM CPU with Linux on it.

This should probably be bumped up to be a higher priority. In the past, it was a bit more of a fringe case, given the extremely scant rendering power of most ARM Linux solutions. (it was basically Raspberry Pi, which could only handle OpenGL ES 2, not 3)

But there are more and more viable ARM Linux devices coming up. (such as the Chromebook example) And the new Raspberry Pi 4 has a new GPU, one that supports OpenGL ES 3. Development and support for this kind of target is going to be increasing in the future.