Monogame in Indiedb and Moddb

Almost any popular and even not popular game engine or framework can be found in indiedb and moddb engines list. Why monogame is not?

There are over a billion websites now, —>

The likelihood of any users of MonoGame being on all popular sites is drastically reduced…

Also not everyone mentions their engines, so chances are, some projects are using MonoGame on there and they are just not advertising it correctly or it is not an option in their lists if they are pre-defined by selection…
I think I avoided IndieDB because it was country centric to the US… some years ago was the last time I went there very briefly… never heard of the other site…

Usually and always there is a reason for everything, [Yep I just made a convoluted reference to a well known saying :stuck_out_tongue: ]


Monogame is not a real engine, it’s a framework on which you can setup your engine.

But it wouldn’t be to bad to list it there, I’m sure a lot of people on IndieDB use MonoGame, as there are still popular releases coming out with the platform. (Stardew Valley for example)

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Well XNA is listed there…

So IMO MonoGame should be. I’ll get it setup here in the next day or so.


Ok… so we’re now on ModDB:

As for listing on IndieDB we need some developers of games using MonoGame to update/add it in their IndieDB listings.



Well, that proves it :slight_smile: [I am assuming X projects have MonoGame listed as their engine?]

@Tom any chance you can make this work somehow? I was unable to find any form of RSS feed on the forum, does it still exist? the last topic on it was with @AdamDawes575 [If you are reading this Adam, I am going through your book again :slight_smile: ]

That is interesting I got a request from the forum today to allow notifications in my notifications centre :heart_eyes:

Most just used XNA, including me. If they even bothered to support showing what engines they’re using.

Can you list both XNA and MonoGame for your games or do you have to select only one? Because XNA sounds cooler IMO.

I highly suggest listing what frameworks and engines you use, because you’ll gain access to the communities already built around them. They’re already invested. If they suddenly know they can use your game engines or games to make games or modifications, Mods can make you millions!

Check out my XNA/MonoGame game, Monsters of War!

My Quake and Half-Life 1/2 “hotkeys MENU and Config.cfg system”, “1337 Board!”

How Mod/IndieDB works you have to choose one. :confused:

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There are well over a billion sites out there. Exact number is 1,584,940,345 :wink: —>

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