MonoGame in iOS GLKView?


I am building an iOS-Application with Xamarin.iOS and MonoGame and I want to
use native GUI-Elements. In iOS there are a GLKView and a ViewController in which I
can write OpenGL-Code and at this point I want to place my MonoGame-Code.
I have created GUI-Elements in MonoGome, but it doesn’t feels or looks native.

Is this possible?
It would be very great.


You can access the native ViewController so you can do your native UI stuff using that.
Note that using native UI on top of a GL app will lower performance, so it is probably best not do do it during gameplay.

Checking the code, it looks like something like


From within your game class should do it.

Hi, thank you =)
I will test the performance. I want to integrate my 3D-Stuff MonoGame-Screen in a Navigation Controller.
To have a Title-Bar and Tab Itms. I hope it works and is not to slow.