Monogame in VS2019

Para cuando Monogame en Visual Studio 2019???
animo al equipo a integrarlo.

Translated as:

For when Monogame in Visual Studio 2019???
I encourage the team to integrate it.

It is currently already in development and in an Alpha/Beta stage
Actualmente ya está en desarrollo y en una etapa Alfa/Beta

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Please try to use English and Spanish to make your meaning clearer if it helps.

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Por favor, trate de usar inglés y español para que su significado sea más claro si ayuda.

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Just thought I’d mention, in the meantime you can use the templates on nuget with the .Net CLI, then open the generated projects in Visual Studio 2019. However, I’ve also found that the Visual Studio 2017 installer works alright with 2019, don’t know if that’s because I have 2017 installed though,

@oskidelrio Sorry I didn’t translate this, I figured you probably have a better translator than I do

I’ve posted many tutorials on VS17>VS19 and you need to compile in VS17 and then open in VS19, 3.8 is out soon though, Alpha already available.

Thanks for everything, I have not started any project yet, I am in the beginning, so I will document while we wait for version 3.8 of monogame. good community.

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