Monogame install fails on Windows 10 [Solved?]

I believe this MAY be related to having VS installed on one drive while template and all other folders are on a different drive.

I’ve never had this problem and install MG fairly frequently but I recently rebuilt my machine with VS on a primary drive and everything else (data, templates, etc) installed under a secondary drive.

Last steps before failure:
Extract: SharpDX.xml
Output folder: C:…
Extract: monogame.ico
Create uninstaller: C:\ …
Output folder: D:..

Installer fails with a random Extract Error related to any one of the last few zip files. “Extract: error writing to file”

I’m assuming there’s an extraction going on async or in parallel of these files which is why it’s a different one each time.

Got around this by creating projects via dotnet but this might be an issue for new people arriving at the website and attempting a simple install.

Question, did you try downloading the installer a few times?