Monogame Installation

How can I create MonoGameSetup.Exe from Monogame-develop?

Once I run protobuild and visuals-studio 2015, how I can install the compiled dll and the tools in my computer?

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It is not a simple process… why do you think you need to do this?

To build the MonoGame Windows installer you need to have to have available the ability to build for all our platforms.

First you need a Windows 10 machine with VS2012, VS2013, VS2015 installed with SDKs for Windows Phone, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 10. You also need Xamarin Studio installed with support for Android on Windows and a OSX build machine available with Xamarin Studio installed and support for iOS.

Also on Windows you need the NSIS installer tools installed.

Finally you have to install NAnt installed on both your Windows and Mac machines first:

Then you can do `nant clean build from the command line on OSX first. Then you need to copy the iOS,MacOS, and Linux binaries back over to Windows box. Then you can run that same command on Windows to build those platforms and generate the installer.

So again… I suggest you think twice about trying to build this yourself. It is complex and tricky to setup and in the end I don’t see what it gains you.

I want to try some modification to the Monogame Framework. In particular I want to try to support skineed model animation.
For example I ported BetterSkinned to Monogame 3.4 then I tried other animations but the number of bones needed are more then 72, so I recompiled skinnedeffect, then I needed also to modify SkinnedEffect.fx. Then I made reference from BetterSkinned to the new frameworks but I received an error about SharpDX (Could not load type 'SharpDX.Win32.MessageFilterHook). So I am wondering that a full installation of the recompiled version is needed.


At the moment I work on desktop PC, but I am equiopped with all the tools you mention but nant.

I solved the problem with SharpDX, I’m using the 3.5,1069 version of monogame. I’m blocked with the problem 72 bones in the Skinned Effect.fx due the 2mgfx compiler.

You can always make your own skinned effect without needing to modify MonoGame.

Just copy the FX from here:

And make a copy of this class:

That is all you need to add to your game to get the effect you want.

Thank you, it works. The problem now is with the maximum number of bones. How can I animate a model with more than 72 bones?

Using hardware skinning you are limited by how many matrices we can pass to the shader. One matrix per bone, and there is a hard limit to how many things we can pass to the shader. If you need more than 72 bones, you might need to look at software skinning where your code does the bone transforms before they get sent to the shader for rendering.

Do I need to recompile all the Framework.Graphics?
A lot of stuff is needed that is declared internal, for example EffectDirtyFlags …