MonoGame into Flash?

Not a technology I have touched, but it is discussed a lot.

“discussed a lot”, got any links for that? You mean embedding MG in Flash to get it working on web? Sounds like a roundabout way to do things.

Also… Flash? What year is this? :stuck_out_tongue: I remember my first games in AS3, good times :smiley:

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I’ve never seen it discussed either. Not likely to happen due to the deprecation of the browser plugin API that Flash uses. There won’t be be any expenditure of effort by us along this road.

Unity 3D seems the easiest path or HTML5, but MonoGame is starting to become the DooM clone for porting to other platforms. DooM is winning, but does it run on Flash(?)?

There’s obviously a lack of priority to get MonoGame running on web browsers, but there are multiple options to choose from and surely at some point more progress will be made to reach the nearly limitless player base that the web offers. and others have good insights into Flash versus HTML5 and Unity 3D’s Web Player.

Flash should be viewed as deprecated, HTML5 replaced it in nearly every aspect.

If you would want to export a Monogame project you would have to compile it for webassembly(WASM), there is also a related GitHub issue ( That being said, it is very unlikely to be productive usable any time soon since WASM is pretty much not enabled in most browsers by default. Unreal on the other hand allows WASM export since version 4.16 which is fairly recent.

Here a demo of the UE4 WASM export: