MonoGame is not working with Visual Studio for Mac preview

Ive tried to install MonoGame wth the new VS preview for mac like I did before with Xamarin. However VS is not showing the templates when I want to create a new solution. Any ideas on how to get this working?

Install order:

  1. Mono Developer Kit
  2. Visual Studio for Mac
  3. MonoGame

I even deleted my previous installs of monogame, VS and Xamarin and installed everything from scratch. This did not help. Reinstalling everything did work with Xamarin though.

This is simply not implemented. For Mac and Linux the templates are only installed for MonoDevelop/Xamarin Studio. You can use XS to create projects and VS for development

The VsforMac API changed significantly, so the existing Addin for templates will not function correctly.
I am working on a new version.

That said, existing projects will work fine in VSforMac