MonoGame newb finds he needs missing methods.


I’m new to using MonoGame, but I have a few XNA 4.0 games that all use a tool-kit library I wrote I’m trying to convert it to use MonoGame, and have found that I used a few methods that are not in the new framework.


Like the good developer I try to be I’d like to just add the missing functions and give them back to the community but I haven’t got a clue where to start.

I tried Cloning the MonoGame project but can’t figure out how to add it as a project to my solution.

My tool-kit is Windows desktop only at the moment but I would like to open source it for other platforms.

Can anybody help me?

Hi mort8088,

there’s a getting started here:

usually people forget to run “protobuld.exe” (at the bottom of the linked page) which generates the solution files.

It’s ok now, I chose to remove my reliance on the methods so I can continue working on my projects I might come back to it if I get a quiet moment :smiley:

But thanks for the assist.