MonoGame not opening window and immediately returning exit code '0'

Hey there! I recently started trying to learn MonoGame and I’ve had a bit of trouble installing everything to get it working properly, but I’ve got most of the stuff working properly, except for the simple fact that whenever I run the application in Jetbrains: Rider, the program immediately returns exit code 0 without opening a window, or doing anything for that matter.

Another weird thing is that I’ve followed all of the steps on the ‘getting started’ page for Linux and nothing seems to work.

I’m looking for some help on this issue, I don’t really know how to recreate it at all as this is the first time I’ve ever used something like MonoGame.

Operating System: Ubuntu 20.x (I don’t remember the minor version, I’ve also recently switched from Windows 10 to Ubuntu, so I’m rather new to the operating system as well.)
IDE : Jetbrains: Rider

(Here’s my solution file, as well as the project in case you guys need/want to look through the files.)

A quick look through your code pointed out that you’re not actually calling game1.Run() in your Program.cs file, meaning that the game is never started in the first place!

Your Program.cs should look like this:

    using System;

    namespace MonoGameTesting
        class Program
            private static void Main(string[] args)
                using (Game1 game1 = new Game1())

EDIT: Just noticed this is an old thread. Not sure if it’s still relevant!