Monogame not working

So i’m in my second year of studying games dev, and this year i’ve been having issues with monogame from my home computer. I’m currently on the latest version of windows 11, and the latest version of vs 2022 enterprise.
I do not see any of the monogame templates for visual studios.

monogame is installed but shows up grey, i’ve tried re-installing it multiple times, and even re-installing vs 2022.

Having the same issue. VS templates are horribly unreliable, mainly because microsoft can’t get their garbage together and struggle to make a robust template loading system for eleven years now.

However, if you take a look at the installer logs, when installing the templates, it seems that there is a null reference exception, at least on my machine. Could the templates themselves be broken?

In any case, right now, just use the dotnet templates from terminal or simply copy the project files over from the monogame repo. Janky, but works.

Or, you could use my Monofoxe templates - they support the latest version of monogame and give you the complete setup out of the box. : -)

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