MonoGame On GitHub Updates

Wanted to catch everyone up on some updates to MonoGame on GitHub. Protobuild MonoGame has gotten a lot of new platforms and we foresee more on the way.  It has become a challenge to manage so may projects and keep them in sync to each other.  This causes frequent build errors from missing files, wrong…

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I’ve pinned this topic to avoid confusion and future posts about missing .sln / .csproj files.

The MonoGame project needs generating in order to use it now, just run “ProtoBuild.exe” when cloning / updating the repo.

BE SURE NOT TO CHECK IN .SLN/.CSPROJ files in future pr’s as they will not be accepted.

#ref Where is the MonoGame Framework WindowsPhone csproj file

Hey everyone, Protobuild developer here.

If anyone needs assistance integrating or using Protobuild in their own projects, feel free to create issues on the Protobuild issue tracker ( or hit me up on

Protobuild was built to deal with cross-platform projects, and originated from working on my own cross-platform, MonoGame-based game. So if you are dealing with multiple cross-platform C# projects or solutions, then you will most likely find Protobuild useful.