Monogame on google play

Quick question, does anybody know if i pay the 25$ for 1 month only to xamarin for a indie license will i be able to have my game uploaded and working on google play permanently ? or does the .apk have a 30day expire date ? (similarly to the 24-hour expire date on the free-license version).

AFAIK there is no limitation like that.

thanks, this is what i think too right now, not 100% yet

This would be a question for the Xamarin forums.

There is no time limit on the APK generated by Xamarin’s tools, but keep in mind that this is not a guarantee that it will work “permanently”. For instance, my game was compiled with Xamarin.Android (licence expired in 2013) and due to a bug in that version the game will not start with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Licences actually expire ? that is what i am interested in . What happens when a licence expire ? and when does that happen ? if i pay 1 month for 25$ dollars (indie), does that mean my .apk have a 1 month license attached to it ? could you elaborate a bit more ?

Or you mean you had to re-pay 25$ a few months later just to re-compile so that it works with lolipop 5 ?

If i develop a game for example. Why would i pay 25$ if i do not plan to upload to google play any time soon ? right ?

APKs do not stop working when your Xamarin license expires. All the answers are in the FAQ on the Xamarin Store page.

Thanks a lot, i was just avoiding xamarin forums because last time it took quite a while to get my question answered, and i figured since xamarin is pretty much the only way to make monogame android work, people would probably know how license works on this site. Thanks again, and sorry that i posted this question here.

Just to clarify, when the license expires you are no longer able to compile the APK files. That will happen after the single month on the Indie plan if that is all you purchase.