MonoGame on Mac, MonoGameGLException in first Hello World experiment

Hi everyone,

I just this morning tried to set up Xamarin Studio on my Mac with MonoGame and I don’t even get to
to the first empty CornflowerBlue screen.

On game.Run (); I am confronted with an Microsoft.XNA.Framework.Graphics.MonoGameGLException.
GL.GetError() returned InvalidFramebufferOperationExt.

I basically followed the steps described in this short getting started tutorial ( ) but it seems on my machine I am out of luck.

Maybe someone has an idea or experienced something similar in the past? Would be really helpful.
Thanks a lot.

Ok, in the end I took the latest dlls from the and got my Hello World project up and running in Xamarin Studio.
When trying to build those dlls before from the source code, although building successfully, Xamarin Studio gave me a warning message about OpenTK.dll.config being missing. Maybe that resulted in my OpenGl error in the end.