monogame on monodevelop


I would like to know what can we do with monodevelop.

What at are the limitations? Can I get the same results using monodevelop instead of visual studio?

I just want to create a cross platform win, mac, and Linux game, don’t need other platforms now. I know that with 3.5 we can create a “desktopgl” project, but will it run in all 3 platforms if compiled on Linux? Will it produce the same executable that I get if using visual studio?

Thank you for your answers

Yes it will run on the other platforms too, though I havent personally looked at how extensive it is as there is no more compilation conditional statements at least no more than the LINUX one still…

I compiled it and ran on linux and windows with 1 exe that was only COMPILED ONCE on windows… if that answers your question.

The only downside with using MonoDevelop on Linux is the platforms you can target. You are limited to using the “Cross Platform Desktop Project”. That said as @Damien_James_Gibson said the exe will work on Windows, Linux and Mac. :slight_smile:

Ok, if use monodevelop i can only create games for 3 platforms. Right now that’s the only thing i need.

Later i can open the project in visual studio and port the game to Windows Phone.

The problem is that when i try to install visual studio i get errors … Right now its working but I had to reinstall win 8 to make it work and in the end I got an error but was not a big error and is working.

I think that there are not many options to make games for free for windows phone without using visual studio, at least I don’t know many, apart from html5 using wrappers

Windows 8 is terrible, broken, and above all, old… you should upgrade to windows 10 xD also what edition of vs you try to install, as well as what error are you getting?

Well, i have Windows 8.1.

I am not sure why I haven’t installed windows 10 yet, but maybe it’s time to do it.

The error I have in windows is about a few updates I need before installing visual studio, but don’t remember which ones.

Anyway, I am going to install Windows 10 in the next days, maybe it’s the best option

Hey before you try upgrading, make sure to uninstall your graphics driver… if you dont you may be apart of the large group who had their pc spam resetting itself soon as it starts up… Just a warning ive had to fix a couple pcs that did this because upgrade… had to downgrade, uninstall gfx driver then reupgrade and there were no more problems.