MonoGame on Switch

Hi there!

Just a really short question but I was wondering if I was missing something I could do to get access to the Switch libraries for MonoGame? If they indeed exist. If not it’s fine, I’ll deal with it myself!
I went through the Nintendo developer portal to do the request for MonoGame but it’s been now around 2 weeks and I haven’t heard any news : (

I don’t want to bother people directly by contacting them through email/tweets so I thought I’d ask there first : )



It does exist, @Tom is responsible for providing access to the console dev stuff.

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Oh great, thank you!
I imagine he’ll get notified from the mention you did, but worst case I’ll contact him through email or twitter next week if not!


Sorry… i’ll get back to you here in the next day or so @LitchiSzu. Been crazy busy at the office the last few weeks and your email slipped thru my inbox.

Was there any interest in taking it to the Wii / U / 3DS or is the Switch the only focus?

Thank you! And no worries, I know how it is! I can wait

We only have the hardware for the Switch, and Wii/U are not really interesting, business-wise. 3DS could be a thing but not short term!

Do you need to get some kind of invitation for this? I registered on Nintendo’s developer portal but I can’t find anything Switch-related :?

Yes, at the moment the process is manual for Switch development. You will have to get in contact with Nintendo with a project proposal that they have to approve in order to give you access to the resources for the Nintendo Switch.

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All solved now, thanks @Tom and thanks again @harry-cpp for the help : )

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This page contains the content information. If you have a game idea u can pitch it them here. And see if they accept you.

That’s what I did.

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