Monogame on Ubuntu 18.04

I’ve got Monogame set up on Ubuntu 18.04, and it’s all installed and seems to be running perfectly.
However, when I hit the Run button in Monodevelop, it skips the build with this error:

Cannot open assembly '/home/david/Projects/Game1/Game1/bin/DesktopGL/Any CPU/Debug/Game1.Desktop.exe': No such file or directory.

How do I fix this? Changing the folder name of “Any CPU” to Any_CPU fixes this particular issue, but no window appears with the default cornflower blue screen despite the build succeeding.

This period here doesn’t look right.

Game1 >>.<< Desktop.exe

Did you name the project you created with a period in the middle of the name?
Or is that something that was generated on its own.
The error seems to fit the idea that the os is looking for a file called Game1.des to execute.
Which obviously won’t exist.

Try making a new test solution and ensure you don’t have any periods in the name.

I ran into the same problem, what fixed it for me was right clicking on the project from the sidebar, going down to “Tools”, and, from the menu the appears clicking on “Edit File”. Once the file opens up, use CTRL+H to replace all “Any CPU” with “AnyCPU”.

Renaming the “Any CPU” folder to something without a space does fix the build issue, but once that happens, no screen appears with the game even when you press F5 and run it.