Monogame on Ubuntu

Hello.I want to install MonoDevelop and monogame on my Ubuntu and do
sudo apt-get install monodevelop-monogame
and I give following error
unable to lacate package monodevelop-monogame
I am beginner in mono and Ubuntu.Please help me


You need to install mono and monodevelop then you can clone the git repository and compile MonoGame yourself. There are not package for MonoGame in Ubuntu. I hope you’re running Ubuntu 14.04 because other version have an outdated version of Mono and MonoDevelop. (In fact the current version have an outdated version too, but less outdated than older Ubuntu release).

So the first step

sudo apt install mono
sudo apt install monodevelop

After that you can go here and download the MonoDevelop plugin, be careful the NEED MonoDevelop 4.x min to use the plugin.

I recommand you to clone the repository and build all tools yourselft.
I had some issues with the Linux port (OpenTK is not really funny on Linux) so I you have problems, you can try the SDL2 port which works really better on Linux.

If you wan read French, I wrote tutorials about MonoGame and Linux here.

Thanks for answer.I will try))))))