MonoGame OpenGL Project on VirtualBox with Raspberry Pi OS

Hi all,

Not really a direct MonoGame question, but maybe someone has tried something similar.

Working on deploying my Continuum 93 emulator on several other platforms and for that I need to do a bit of cross-platform development, including for linux/RPi.
I installed Raspberry OS On a Virtual Box machine and compiled my MonoGame OpenGL project succesfully. However, when attempting to run, I get a “Failed to create graphics device” error which most likely points to VirtualBox not being able to provide sufficient emulated support for OpenGL since I can’t use raspi-config to install the GL driver either.

So, in overall, I assume that’s that and I’ll probably move on to an actual hardware instead, but on my way out I wanted to throw this out there just in case someone ‘might’ have tried something like this and overcame this problem or has any advice.