MonoGame OpenGL projects not working on every PC (Windows)?

Hello everyone,
a user reports to me that none of my games (based on OpenGL) work on his pc, while on his son’s pc they work perfectly. To exclude any programming errors on my part, I created 2 test projects without adding a single line of code. The first project is based on DirectX, the second on OpenGL. The user says that only the DirectX based project works (the classic window appears with a blue background).
It seems that this person’s pc is having problems with OpenGL. Do you have any advice I can give him?

Maybe have them send you the output from System Information from the machine that works and the one that doesn’t work.

Then check for things like Video Driver Versions, OpenGL versions, OS Versions, etc…

Yep, you should always ask for some very basic things before doing anything:

  • What OS
  • What Drivers for Display / Are they updated? Is Windows Update Disabled?
  • What Device, Custom Build / Laptop / Pre-Built / Mac Running in Bootcamp / Are they running it in a VM? Remote?
  • What Anti-Virus? could it be blocking the app from running? some can block aspects of OpenGL from performing for example
  • What hardware, RAM, CPU, HDD/SSD
  • Is the Graphics card the main one? is it using the iGPU or the Discreet GPU? Is it a standalone Discreet GPU or is it paired in NVIDIA Optimus type thing? Are the drivers for both display adapters updated? this can prevent one from working.

These can help identify issues almost immediately

My knee-jerk guess for this would be missing prerequisites. Example: if your game targets .NET Framework and your game does not come packaged with it then it will not run on machines that do not have that version of .NET Framework already installed (this specific case seems unlikely if the DirectX version is working, but could be something similar depending on what your game uses and how it’s packaged).

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Sorry I’m late,
it looks like this person has a video card built into the motherboard (or something like that) and doesn’t have or can’t install OpenGL. It is a problem that he will have to solve.
Thanks anyway for your advice.

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My laptop can only do OpenGl 2.0, and 2.1 if i fart on it.

that was rude sorry :wink: