MonoGame or HaxeFlixel


I’m used to using GameMaker and Unity but I want to have more control over developing games.

MonoGame and HaxeFlixel seem like good choices but I can’t find the pros and cons of each.

I’m confident with both languages and I’m not interested in developing for mobile platforms at the moment.

Would you be able to share you knowledge of what could be best to use?


HaxeFlixel is a complete game engine, but it is limited to 2D.
MonoGame is a “Framework”; abstracting away a bunch of fiddly tech stuff, but you’d still need to do a bunch of heavy lifting. It does support 3D, though.

Think about things like collisions, particles, animation, camera systems, states/scenes, and tile maps.
HaxeFlixel provides all those, but in MonoGame you’d have to make your own implementations (or find someone else’s).