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No, but our ID@Xbox account manager only emailed him a few days ago, and it’s not like anyone is paying him to deal with all us yuppies constantly begging for free software lol

Also, I believe the GDKX MG target is still in development, so there may not be anything to really provide access to yet, aside from the private discord channels. You can still use the UWP Xbox target to develop your game in the interim.

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Worth noting the limitations, which I am unaware of any on the full thing… insight would be much welcome…

Sure thing. The basics are, when targeting Xbox via UWP your game will be limited to 5GB max memory and has limited CPU use.

The biggest issue for us, because our games just aren’t that hardware-demanding, is the “Permission Needed” popup. This is a mandatory popup for any Xbox game packaged via UWP that appears the first time a user runs your game that tells users that your game may be farming their personal info. It caused review bombing and high refund rates for our own past Xbox release and several others that we’ve been told about from other devs.

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I thought that got fixed…


The mandatory popup? Not that I’m aware of. Would love any info you have on the subject.

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So, basically, unless you go the seemingly impossible route of XDK, it’s not fixable…

Maybe i am worng but i think xbox one version is finished and the xbox series version is still in development… :thinking:

Both Xbox One and Xbox Series support UWP and GDKX. XDK used to be the non-UWP way to build for Xbox.

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What is this? is it in the docs?


Hi again my friend, i posted one month ago in the monogame consoles discord server but I have not received an answer either, can you help me please??? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello again, have you received any response? :face_with_peeking_eye:


Has anyone got an up to date invite for the console’s discord? I’m a registered developer for PS and Xbox.

Hi @EMBYR, Welcome to the Community!

You might be needing one of the following:

@Tom @CartBlanche @admins

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