๐ŸŽ‰ MonoGame Patreon

The MonoGame team are pleased to announce our โ€“ Patreon pageโ€ฆ

which went live yesterday morning. Currently there are 3 tiers of support available. If you love MonoGame consider supporting us!

If you are a current subscriber, please switch to our Patreon subscriptions. Weโ€™ll be notifying current subscribers this week.


Love the humor with the tiers. There needs to be a $32 tier called .fx

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Just signed up. Iโ€™m not very vocal in the community, but Iโ€™ve been using MonoGame for more than 6 years. Hopefully, Iโ€™ll be able to contribute more one day, but this is the least I can do to say thanks for all the devโ€™s hard work.

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@bangclash1 Great suggestion. We just need to workout what we offer for $32 a month :slight_smile:

That 2015 showcase could imho use modern replacement. Especially that thumbnail is hard sell in 2022. Tip: for thumbnail probably check with Kosmonautgames if you can use something from his deferred playground. It ofc wont matter to ppl that already use MG, which I guess is majority if not all of current Patrons, but might also get some ppl outside of โ€œinner circleโ€


@Ravendarke This is something we are looking into and assessing as to which MonoGame titles to use in the updated version, to best showcase whatโ€™s currently out there. Suggestions welcome.

Canceled a twitch sub, money is here in better use. Keep it up!


Thatโ€™s very kind of you. Greatly appreciated :pray:

You can add paid support as a new tier. Great decision, from now on we can support the development, and Iโ€™m so positive about the future of Monogame.
And also the banner could be much better.