Monogame Pipeline and XML Importer

Hello, pretty new to Monogame and C# in general so go easy on me. So I’m getting the Type not resolved error on content tool build for a simple object/class (called BaseScene) I’m trying to import.

My first question is: Do I have to create a separate library for the objects I plan to use and assemble them to a DLL. Is there another way to make Content Pipeline aware of my class types.

My second question is: I went ahead and assumed the former situation for my first question and created a separate Monogame project called Scene and shoved this object in. I then changed it to compile to DLL in project preferences and add reference Scene project in my Game1.

Then I added the correct reference path in Content pipeline’s References Collection.

Now when I hit build on the Content tool. Now it says the Assembly is corrupt, maybe built for wrong target platform, blah blah. Help. What am I doing wrong?

So this appears to work if I start from the Class Library template. Still curious what the difference was since I’m not a heavy C# (or C or Java) programmer, but I guess this can be closed now.