MonoGame pipeline doesn't build images

Hello everyone, i’m new to to MonoGame. The thing is that i’m triying to convert an image to a xnb file to add it to the content of my game but the pipeline keep throwing me error, specifically with the freeImage.dll. I was searching al day but i can’t find any solution. Has anyone idea of why this is happening and hoppefully how to fix it?

Thank you everyone and greeting from Argentina!

I could fix it!

I have to download The Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013

Now it’s working!

The strange thing is that i have VS 2012, but wharever.

It depends on what version of VS was used to build the FreeImage library and the library uses dynamic linking to the VC runtime. We need to rebuild this so it is statically linked to the VC runtime.