MonoGame pipeline tools in Rider without installing VS Templates?

Hello. I haven’t VS on the notebook, only Rider (because VS with R# is very laggy on my slow laptop but I need resharper) - Windows

I didn’t install monogame from the site because, I guess, it creates templates only for VS
I’m using MonoGame.Framework.Portable and I added MonoGame.Framework.Portable.Content.Pipeline.

So here is the quesitons:
1.Will installing monogame from site create templates for rider too?
2.If first question is no: How to install Pipeline Tools without VS Templates?
3.Is it possible to get GUI with Monogame.Framework.Portable.Content.Pipeline?
4.What is it unofficial MonoGame.Content.Builder?

You can’t use the .Portable assemblies by themselves, they are empty skeletons. You can target them from your MonoGane library so it can run with the different platform-specific MonoGame assemblies, but they can’t be run directly.

As for your questions:

  1. No, currently there are only templates for Vs and XS, though there is an unofficial template for the dotnet templating tool (i.e. dotnet new).
  2. If you mean the Pipeline Tool, the GUI that you can use to manage content for your MonoGane game, that one is a standalone tool. It will install with the MonoGame SDK installation. If you mean the build task for automatically building your game content and copying it to the output directory, that’s a bit more difficult. You should import that build task in your .csproj file by editing it by hand. The MonoGame installation places a .targets file in the installation directory that you should import to get the custom build task.
  3. No, see above. Though if you install the SDK you will get the Pipeline Tool (which is the GUI).
  4. Just to clarify, MonoGame builds content with the MonoGame Content Builder (MGCB). The Pipeline Tool is just a GUI that uses MGCB behind the scenes. They both get installed with the SDK.

Ok, I will install monogame for using this GUI but if I have structure like Main (with MonoGame.Portable) and GameDesktop (with MonoGame.Windows ref to Main) and GameAndroid (with MonoGame.Android ref to Main) can I keep content in Main? I don’t want copy content for windows and android. Which settings should I put for Content.msgb and should I install other packages such as Monogame.Framework.Portable.Content.Pipeline for get this content working?

AFAIK it’s not possible with that setup. You could use a Shared Project instead of a PCL library, that way you can have the content in the shared project and have it automatically build targeting the project you’re actually building.