MonoGame pixel planet generator (shaders in HLSL) + sourcecode

Hey guys!

I recently found a great pixel-art planet generator right here. That one is made with Godot and uses GLSL shaders. However, because I needed that functionality for an ongoing project I am working on, I ported it to MonoGame in HLSL. It’s not perfect, but I feel it’s a good learning point for others that may need it, so if you guys are interested:

  • here’s a showcase of it:
  • Here’s the complete source of the ported app. Note it’s still under development.

  • Here’s the itch page, in case anyone prefers to download the actual compiled version.

I hope you find it useful.


Impressive :+1:

This would have been a nice tool for the logo creation of my current project (which includes the planet mercury). Instead I fiddled around with Inkscape untill I reached something acceptable :laughing:


Cool, good documentation too

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Hi again!

Just migrated the project to MonoGame 3.8 and amazingly, it seems to work. As before, source is available at the same link.
Updated Readme at section 2.1.2. Shaders.

Thanks to @ procfxgen for pointing out that the project was not the most recent version, as I mistakenly assumed.