Monogame Pong Objects

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I think MonoGame provides the hitbox AABB method for you I think, it is though smarter to just create the content first and then do pixelperfect collision, especially for something like pong where the two players can be seperate textures, or a base texture which is just passed as an object in code, but dont try graphics primitives with monogame, texture dumps through code are a little more complicated then i would like it too, so just make your graphics first and then see what you can do with that in code… also working with width, height, x and y should give you enough info on calculation of the boundaries of a rectangle, but if this is your first time doing this it will get kinda messy in your head, so get a pen and paper ready, to formulate the boundaries in variables so you can have any rectangular shape be collidable from the start…


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what am i talking about, what is a texture dump, what am i droning on about? just stop!

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