Monogame Prerequisite and installer

Hello everyone.

I have an xna version of the WiX installer and used it to create an installer for for my xna game for windows

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What I need to know is what are the prerequisites for installing an monogame on someones computer.

For an xna game its Direct x 9 and then windows installer 3.1 and then xna redistributable.

What are the prerequisites for monogame? i want to know so i can put the pre requisites in the installer

what are your ways of installing monogame games once you have them done? I think I can pull off changing the xna wix installer and making it for monogame.
i mean this installer here

If you are using the Windows version of MonoGame (using DirectX 11), then the latest DirectX runtime is the only prerequisite. Everything else required will be in the output folder of your project.

It very very VERY important that that be true. because I can easily edit an installer to take direct x 11 or higher instead of 9.

the xna prereqs are windows installer, xna redistrubtable, dirext x 9.

your saying monogame is direct x 11.

Are there ANY other pre reqs besides the actual game? can earlier versions of direct x be used whats the earliest version if its still only direct x 11 what is the earliest version of direct x that can be used.

MonoGame for Windows uses the DirectX11 API, so it just needs the DirectX11 runtime. Whatever installer you use is up to you. Everything else in is the output directory of your project (your assembl(y/ies), MonoGame assembl(y/ies), SharpDX assemblies, etc).