Monogame project templates for the new Visual Studio for MAC.

HI. I am learning Monogame, I had Xamarin, but since Microsoft release Visual Studio for MAC, I uninstalled Xamarin and install Visual Studio for MAC, I try to install Monogame, but Visual Studio does not show ant Monogame Project Template…

Are you planning to make an update?. if not please mention, to uninstall Visual Studio and return to Xamarin. Or do you know any other way to run Monogame?.

they are working on a template! already existing projects do work in visual studio for mac

Just in case we don’t want to wait for the template… where do the assemblies installed by MonoGame end up on OSX so we could add them to a blank solution?

Hi David, I am still learning… not big projects. I am very amateur to Game Dev. so I prefer to wait for the template. how much time do you know will be ready?. Are you going to communicate it when it is ready?

In fact I want to become Indie Game Dev. I am not good enough still. need to learn about graphics also, and sound. Do you recommend a good course in game Dev, based in Monogame?

I appreciate your attention

I am very amateur, in was start it learning with Xamarin last month. But since Visual Studio for MAC was release, I remove Xamarin, in order to check this version, and it seems great… But Monogame SHALL nbc there also… I believe is a big opportunity for Monogame to keep growing.

ALso Many people recommend me Unity, but I believe Unity hides to much details and programer does not have total control. Unity seems for me like scratch programming environment… for kids… I don’t know… I have more strong feelings with Monogame. More power.

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